Tillets To Premiere First Christmas Advert

Tilletts, in collaboration with Bracket Energy Media have this week announced they are to premiere their very first Christmas Advert on November 16th, 2018.

Tilletts Clothing have this week announced they will be premiering their very first Christmas Advert on November 16th at 5pm via Facebook Live. An all-female lead Company, Tilletts have collaborated with local Media Production; Bracket Energy to produce the short titled ‘Nutty Delivers’.

A full cast lead and directed by ‘Father Ted’ favourite, Ben Keaton were on location for the shoot for four full days during October. The touching story follows a young puppy, ‘Nutty’ on a mission to save Christmas with the aid of Santa. Alongside Team Tillett were a Production Team comprised of 2 Directors, 2 Designers, 1 Videographer, 1 Runner and 1 Composer.

To achieve the complex skills required of Nutty the Cockerpoo, a Dog Trainer was brought on board to work around the clock with the talented puppy. Owner of Nutty and Director of Tilletts, Grace Tillett Austwick, 26 said of the process:

“I am so proud of Nutty. I didn’t think I would ever have my own dog, let alone one that would star in a Christmas Advert! He will be getting the biggest, juiciest bone at Christmas for all his hard work.”

Director of Bracket Energy Media and BBC’s ‘Casualty’ Regular, Ben Keaton added “To be honest, I thought working with a little dog might be the biggest mistake of my career – but Nutty turned out to be a real star and the result is a Christmas film you’ll fall in love with!”

Tilletts comprises two retail stores – in Cleethorpes and Louth and an E-commerce Operation (HQ) run from two custom built Warehouses, and an Office on Wilton Road, Humberston. To view Tilletts full range of clothing visit www.tillettsclothing.co.uk or join them for a weekly live video on Facebook.