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Lincolnshire dancer is finalist for Business Innovation Award

A unique fashion accessory has led to a Lincolnshire dancer is finalist for Business Innovation Award which she designed to solve a security problem for ladies who are worried about their handbag whilst dancing or out clubbing.

Sue Burton, who previously won a Fashion & Style Award, recently gained intellectual property rights for her unique design. Sue designed the Kizomba Corsage which is an attractive flower corsage worn by ladies around their wrist which incorporates a discrete zip compartment to secure money, credit card, keys, etc. and even a lipstick!

Sue was inspired to create this accessory following a very distressing incident when her friend had her handbag stolen at a busy dance event. Her friend was busy on the dance floor enjoying a salsa dance but was totally unaware that a thief had taken her handbag (containing purse, keys, etc) from the table. The dancer obviously lost her money, etc. but also her car parked outside the event because the thief simply used the key fob to blink at the appropriate vehicle and drove away. Imagine how distressing this was for the lady after travelling some distance to attend a salsa event and then find she had lost her transport home!

Sue initially hand-made her design for her own use as she regularly attended Kizomba and salsa dance events in the area and was concerned about leaving her handbag unattended whilst partner dancing. Other dancers would regularly admire the accessory, which she had made in a variety of colours and styles to co-ordinate with her outfits.  But dancers were pleasantly surprised when she explained how it secured her money, car key and even her lipstick! After making several corsages for fellow dancers upon request, the awareness of her design began to spread throughout the dance world via social media.

In order to cope with the demand, Sue felt it necessary to source a suitable manufacturer who could produce the accessory to her specific design. Sue launched a Facebook page and website just one year ago and within the first week the page was liked/shared globally. This allowed her design to reach audiences that she could not have possibly imagined. The international dance circuit is huge and very soon the Facebook page was liked and shared by dancers worldwide. Now Kizomba Corsages are worn by dancers not only in the UK but also across Europe, Morocco, Canada and even tango dancers in Argentina.

Kizomba Corsages were designed especially for Kizomba and salsa dancers but have many more potential uses.  Ladies out clubbing no longer have to struggle juggling a handbag and carrying drinks they can be hands free and let the Kizomba Corsage hold their cash. Great for tourists worried about pick-pockets and on the beach too as it enables you to keep your cash/keys with you at all times. Gym-enthusiasts also find it handy to their secure locker key.

With the added worry about the security of mobile phones, a larger hipster-style has since been introduced which will hold the usual cash, cards, keys, cosmetics, etc. but also large enough for a mobile phone. It, too, is a decorative flower design with discrete zip compartment which an adjustable waist belt.

After researching the internet, and Sue’s personal experience as a social dancer, she had not found a similar product to overcome the security issue of cash, keys, etc. whilst dancing. The Kizomba Corsage is a functional yet very attractive item to wear which does not interfere with the ability to partner dance. Sue feels incredibly proud whenever she recognises a Kizomba Corsage worn by a dancer and reminds herself of how the product had evolved within just one year, and how it all began from creating a simple solution using her own sewing machine at home.


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