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Spruce up your lawn with Dobbies’ Boston store


4/3/2024 9:02:33 AM


3 mins read

Garden Centre hosts free advice session on spring lawncare

Dobbies, the UK’s largest garden centre, is inviting gardening enthusiasts to its Boston store this spring for a free Grow How session, providing expert advice on how to care for your lawn as the weather warms up.

Taking place on Saturday 6 April, 10:30am, gardeners of all abilities in Boston will have the chance to learn about common causes of lawn difficulties, including moss and weed growth, and how to overcome them. 

The Dobbies team will uncover how to identify various types of mosses and weeds on the lawn. They’ll help gardeners spot everything from rough-stalked Feathermoss and Haircap moss to common weeds such as Clovers and Dandelions, and how to manage them.

Attendees at Dobbies’ Boston store will learn to identify the common causes of moss and weed growth in lawns, including waterlogged conditions, acidic soil, and seed dispersal by wind and how to reduce them.

A special focus will be placed on long-term lawn care techniques, including aeration, light and water penetration, alongside scarifying to remove thatch and encourage new grass growth, resulting in stronger, more beautiful grass.

Ahead of the event, Dobbies’ Horti Manager Mark Cunningham, shares his top tips and explains the importance of starting lawncare early for a lush summer garden.

Mark said: “As we look forward to the warmer months, I can't stress enough the importance of lawncare in spring. Scarifying is a crucial step to remove dead thatch or moss, ensuring your lawn can breathe, soak up sunlight, and grow.

“Following scarification, addressing any winter damage is essential. Aerate waterlogged areas to improve drainage and reseed bare patches to encourage new growth. Applying a high-nitrogen lawn feed will invigorate your lawn, enhancing its green colour just in time for summer.

“Also consider leaving a small area of your garden untended to support local wildlife. A patch of wildflowers can attract pollinators, adding life and colour to your garden, and creating a biodiverse environment. This balance of care and natural growth not only results in a beautiful lawn but also contributes to a healthier ecosystem right in your back garden.”

Dobbies' Grow How sessions at its Boston store take place on the first Saturday of every month, where garden experts host an informal and interactive demonstration lasting 10-15 minutes. This is a great opportunity for gardeners of all abilities to come together to learn something new or enhance their skills, encouraging attendees to make the most of their space.

For more information about Dobbies’ Grow How session and to make a booking, visit dobbies.com/events.


Pictured is one of Dobbies Horti Managers, Mark Cunningham, who will be delivering this month’s Grow How session on spring lawncare ©

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