Campaign to raise £1m for Clough Road animal shelter

The Hull and East Riding branch of the RSPCA has launched a campaign to raise £1m to save its shelter.
The shelter, on Clough Road, desperately needs updating to ensure staff and volunteers can continue to care for animals in need.

Plans are in place to build new facilities but the charity does not have the funds to pay for the work.
It has one-year to raise the money or face closure due to the current poor state of the shelter.
The number of dogs the shelter is able to care for has already been reduced because some areas are no longer fit for purpose.
Backroom areas are also dilapidated, with shelter manager Alison Ripley’s office currently without lighting or electricity.
Alison said: “Conditions are the shelter are in urgent need of improvement and unless we raise this £1m, we will simply not be able to carry on caring for animals who have nowhere else to go.
“People believe that because we are part of the RSPCA, we have access to a great deal of funding but in reality, we only receive a small amount of money from the national pot.
“Our running costs are around £400k annually and this year the RSPCA gaves us £26k to contribute to this which means we rely on our own fundraising and donations from people in the Hull and East Riding area.
“We care for rabbits, ferrets, dogs and cats which have often been abandoned, abused or neglected, helping them to recover and find new forever homes and they need us to be here for them.”
The RSPCA national charity has said it is not able to contribute to the £1m Hull and East Riding Save Our RSPCA appeal so Alison and her team have started a number of fundraising initiatives to meet the target themselves.
They have already collected £200,000 but as building costs have gone-up since work on the improvement scheme was quoted a year ago, a total of £1m still needs to be raised.
Money has been raised through a variety of activity, including a ‘Buy a Brick’ scheme which has received £4,000 in donations so far.
Support the Save Our RSPCA campaign now. Donations can be made via the Hull and East Riding RSPCA Facebook page. This ensures all the money given goes directly to the shelter without any administration fees.