Budding ecologists put down roots

Budding ecologists from Cambridge Park Academy have been putting down roots in Grimsby’s Jubilee Woodland.

The sixth form students spent an entire morning scouring the woodlands and planting saplings in small groups.

The work was made possible by North East Lincolnshire Council, who gave permission to plant trees on the Jubilee Woodland on Westward Ho.

Rachel Graham, Ecologist for North East Lincolnshire Council, said: “Trees are very important for our health, wellbeing and urban air quality.

“It was great to work with a fantastic bunch of young people in improving one of our woodlands and giving something to the community for future generations to enjoy.”

The school had previously contacted NELC’s ecology team which looks after the borough’s woodlands and green spaces.

Kim Walton, project leader for horticulture from Cambridge Park Academy, said: “It was a very productive morning. We’d like to thank the Council staff for encouraging the students.

“We wanted to support the Woodland Trust and give our students the knowledge and experience and teach them the value of giving something to our community.”

The area is currently home to young saplings, but will one day be lush and verdant with fully-grown common oak, crabapple, maple, birch and blackthorn trees, among others.

When the trees reach maturity, many will produce fruit which can be picked and enjoyed by visitors.

The Jubilee Woodlands were planted in 2012  by the Forestry Commission as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.