‘Together we can make a difference.’ Anglers & Danglers Charity Journey

George Brozych is a 40 year old married man with 4 children and 5 stepchildren. He is the owner of a small and fairly new shop in Grimsby called Anglers & Danglers Bait and Tackle.

George Brozych is a 40 year old married man with 4 children and 5 stepchildren. He is the owner of a small and fairly new shop in Grimsby called Anglers & Danglers Bait and Tackle.

The shop has just begun its third year but already has a good customer base. George is hoping that the shop will continue to grow larger as time goes on. At present, he leans more toward sea fishing but is trying to extend to freshwater fishing.

As well as running Anglers & Danglers, George is into charity boosting for something called Help Our Wounded which he tries to help out by hosting raffles and auctions from the shop a couple of times a year. He has recently completed his sixth charity hike with the charity at the beginning of July from Worthing to Hayling Island. He carried 50lbs on this 50 mile route through the villages and towns along the south coast.

Mr Brozych had always dreamed of being in the armed forces since he was young and took part in cadets as well as applying for the forces when he left school. He was not successful in his bid to join the forces, and so went on to work in various places around the world working within the oil industry.

In 2007, Mr Brozych remembers watching the news and saw someone that he recognised being rescued from a Taliban fort, a Royal Marine named Mathew Ford. Mathew went to school with George and was also a cousin to him through marriage. The courage that the men has to go back and rescue Mathew, stirred up emotions of wanting to be a part of the armed forces, which of course would not happen.

Over the next few years, George Brozych wondered how he could do something to help those who serve our country and one day came across a Facebook post that a friend had shared. The post was a war poem by a gentleman and serviceman in the Royal Marines, David Lilburn MBE. As he read the poem, he got very emotional and wanted to say how amazing his words were, so he sent him a message.

He explained how he appreciated the poem and thanked him for his service for the nation and ended up reading many of his poems whilst looking through the page that he had posted them to. A few weeks later, he became friends with David on Facebook and is the man who showed him that he could still do something for the nation without being in the armed forces.

George wanted to take part in an event that would allow him to raise money for wounded Marines and supporting arms and jumped at the chance to do a YOMP in honour of the Falkland’s War veterans, which is a long-distance march carrying full kit or weight. He suffered some injuries to his feet after carrying 50lbs on his back from Brighton Palace Pier to the Royal Marine Museum in Southsea Portsmouth.

Mr Brozych has now completed six YOMPS of 50 miles carrying 50lbs and a Sleigh Pull with another coming up later in November 2017. For the past 4 years, the charity has inspired and welcomed his wife, Kelly, into their little family and she now takes part in these events as well. Together, George and Kelly have helped to raise £3000 towards the charity events between them.

On 4th November 2017, Mr Brozych will be holding a raffle from the Anglers & Danglers shop in Grimsby to help raise money to be split between two causes. Some will go into buying presents for the children of fallen troops in recent warzones which is what the Sleigh Pull is all about. It will also help to increase funds for Help Our Wounded, to carry on the work they do also which is funding such things as employment training, financing medical care, counselling and also for aiding transport costs for family members of injured troops, as well as funeral expenses for heroes who pass on and so much more.

All sponsors and money donated to Help Our Wounded goes straight into the charity as there are no admin fees, wages or expenses. The events are planned and carried out by wholly selfless people with their expertise and kindness totally dedicated to the charity.

Thanks to David Lilburn, George Brozych found a place where he can be helpful to our troops without being in the armed forces and thanks to David’s poem, he found a group of amazing friends for life. He hopes to do more YOMPS and Sleigh Pulls for as long as they are needed to support our nations heroes and warriors, as the charity motto says, ‘Together we can make a difference.’

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