Pedestrian crossing upgrades

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North East Lincolnshire Council working in partnership with ENGIE is upgrading a number of pedestrian crossings in the borough.

The work is expected to take four weeks to complete and will see existing kerbs and footways replaced with flush (lower) kerbs and a tactile surface to aid the visually impaired and wheelchair/ mobility scooter users when crossing the road.

The work is being carried out in the following locations:


  • Edmonds Way – corner
  • Heneage Road – David Street /Welhome Road RHS
  • Ladysmith Road – old Birdseye factory entrance
  • Landsdowne Avenue – Park Avenue
  • Laceby Road
  • Freeman Street side road – Access to Asda
  • Service Road 8 – private access


  • Westwood Road – Park access


  • Douglas Road

The council and ENGIE would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused by these crossing upgrades which are part of the Tactile Crossing Program for 2016/17.

Visit for the latest live travel information in the borough, including congestion and road works.

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