Waterside Shopping Centre to be used as cycle response team base

Lincoln’s Waterside Shopping Centre will support the county’s volunteer medics and first responders by donating retail space for use as a cycle response team base.Caption: L to R - Carl Belcher, Steven Pratten, Peter Merrick, Mary-Jane Booth, Steven Price, Paul Claxton , Matt Corrigan, Nikki Silver and Daniel Skarratts

Lincoln’s Waterside Shopping Centre will support the county’s volunteer medics and first responders by donating retail space for use as a cycle response team base.

As part of the agreement, the centre will serve as a one-man base that will help reduce the average response time for a city centre emergency call from six minutes to three minutes.

Starting on Wednesday 20th July, Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service (LIVES) will launch an innovative 7-week trial that will see LIVES responders stationed across Lincoln city centre 9 hours a day, using pedal cycles to respond to 999 medical emergencies.

Mary-Jane Booth, Marketing Coordinator at Waterside Shopping Centre, commented:

We’re really looking forward to partnering with LIVES for their cycle trial. We want to ensure that not only our shoppers have access to quick medical support if needed, but also anyone living, working or simply strolling around the city centre.

We hope the LIVES cycle trial is a success and that the responders stationed at Waterside are able to get to patients much quicker so more lives are saved.

Nikki Silver, chief executive at LIVES, said:

Sadly, illness and injury can occur to anyone at any time, in any place, and busy shopping areas, such as a High Street, are not exempt. Through using bikes instead of cars in the city centre, we hope to help more people in medical emergencies and reduce our average response time from six minutes to just three.

EMAS does a great job in getting to emergency calls in the centre of Lincoln, but data shows that there are areas that could be accessed more efficiently by a bicycle. This is where our first responders can make a real difference with the help of our new initiative.

According to LIVES, bikes are widely used throughout the county, including in Skegness, Leicester, Edinburgh and throughout London’s busiest areas, and have saved countless lives in their greatest time of need.

As part of the cycle response team trial, LIVES expects to assist over 125 people during times of peak demand in the city centre, while also increasing the chance of cardiac arrest survival in the area.

Nikki added:

We would not be able to roll out the cycle unit without the support of our amazing sponsors, who have given us the tools to make the trial possible. It is fantastic that they have recognised the importance of this scheme, which will save the lives of everyday people in the city.

For more information about LIVES, visit www.lives.org.uk.

For more information about Waterside Shopping Centre, visit www.watersideshopping.com.

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