£1 journeys across North Lincolnshire for under 19s

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Throughout the school summer holidays, young people aged under 19 can travel around North Lincolnshire for just £1 one way using the new CallConnect bus service.

This rural flexible bus service that runs six days a week will allow young people to get around North Lincolnshire easily to meet their friends, go shopping, get to work or just travel around to discover the local area.

The £1 deal will be available from Monday 25 July until Saturday 3 September.

Register with CallConnect online at: www.northlincs.gov.uk/callconnect, or by calling 0345 263 8139. Once you’ve done this, you can use the bus to travel to a whole range of great locations. You can book by telephone or online on the day you wish to travel or up to seven days in advance.

The beauty of CallConnect is that there is no set route and no set times like a normal bus service. Anyone can use the bus – it operates between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 6pm Saturdays.

There is no minimum number of users. If you have booked, the bus will pick you up!

The £1 deal is only available for people under the age of 19.

Cllr Neil Poole, cabinet member for Environment, said:

The CallConnect bus service launched in February this year and has been a huge success so far. The bus connects people and places in rural areas and everyone across North Lincolnshire can access this fantastic service.

It is a demand-led service so they will pick people up where the demand is. For example, if a young person lives in Epworth they can ask the bus to pick them up to take them to meet their friend in Crowle.

The £1 deal is brilliant for young people during the school summer holidays as it means they will be able to travel around more easily and at low cost.

CallConnect has launched in Brigg and Wolds, Ridge, Barton, Burton and Winterton, Isle of Axholme and Ferry wards.

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