Active Seniors show that age is no obstacle!

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LINCS Inspire’s Active Seniors programme is proving a real success in helping the ageing population in North East Lincolnshire keep active, meet people and have fun.

Currently there are 14 weekly Active Seniors sessions attracting 850 attendees per month and the weekly Tai Chi sessions, held at Bradley Football Development Centre, are proving very popular.

Those attending the sessions benefit not only from increased wellbeing attained by regular attendance, but also the social interaction that the sessions bring. Silvia Hedison (77) explained:

It gets you out of the house and socialising with other people. It’s nice meeting different people, you pass the time of day, have a laugh and then afterwards have a gossip. I don’t think I could manage without it to be quite honest.

Tom Johnston, Sports Development Officer for Lincs Inspire, explained:

Tai Chi is a gentle and flowing exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing. The session focuses on breathing and relaxation. I find it very rewarding delivering the Tai Chi sessions, especially when my participants tell me how refreshed and energised they feel after attending a class.

Tai Chi has a number of health benefits such as helping to relieve stress and improving mobility. The classes are also great for the participants to socialise and meet new people.

Dave Green (73), explained how the sessions help him, he said

I’m asthmatic, so it helps me breathe. I just enjoy it. The more exercise you do the better you are, it’s a good social group and they’re all good fun.

Chris Green (70), who regularly attends a number of Active Seniors sessions, added:

I also do the Zumba class, which is an hour before the Tai Chi class, the Zumba gets me hyped up, and the Tai Chi brings me back down. Tai Chi helps with your breathing and relaxes you. It’s a really good session!

For more information on Lincs Inspire’s Active Seniors sessions please contact Sports Development on (01472) 323349 or email:

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