Off market sales are on the up in Lincolnshire

Selecting which estate agent to use is a big decision – and so it should be, comments Roo Fisher, head of residential at Savills Lincoln.Caption: Roo Fisher, head of residential at Savills Lincoln.

Selecting which estate agent to use is a big decision – and so it should be, comments Roo Fisher, head of residential at Savills Lincoln.

While cost is a consideration, other factors such as track record, advertising spread, reputation, personal recommendation, market knowledge, geographical coverage and experience are more important. In the property market it’s about both what you know and who you know.

Look beyond the estate agent’s window as these pretty pictures only tell part of the story. A significant number of houses sell discreetly; a lot of sellers don’t want their personal affairs or their much loved house widely publicised.

This is old fashioned estate agency; taking an interest, really finding out what buyers want and when they want it, and keeping in regular contact with them. It is about helping people in almost every aspect of their move; schooling, recommending local tradesmen and removal companies, dog walkers or tree surgeons – we are asked anything and everything.

In this internet era it may be of some comfort to hear that we still believe in old fashioned estate agency; combining modern marketing methods with those personal contacts built over many years. It is incredibly satisfying and rewarding looking after buyers and helping them find their perfect house, and equally meeting our client’s expectations – getting the job done in the way they feel comfortable with.

I have faced the argument that it doesn’t really matter which estate agent one uses as “everybody just looks on the internet”, but this is not the case.

Our message to serious buyers is to make themselves known and getting to know your agent. Put yourself out there, rather than relying solely on internet searches. In our view this paints a distorted picture of the market, showing over-inflated asking prices rather than the prices which are actually being achieved.

Property is a people business. It pays to get to know your agent and for them to fully understand your needs – let them do the work.

So if you are looking to buy or sell in 2016 don’t hesitate to contact Roo Fisher and his team in strict confidence on +44 (0)1522 508 900.

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