Grantham Gravity Fields Festival

Scientists, engineers, inventors and all enthusiasts will love this science show that truly goes off with a bang!

Scientists, engineers, inventors and all enthusiasts will love this science show that truly goes off with a bang!

Grantham Meres Leisure Centre will host part of the Gravity Fields Festival, performed by the Ministry of Science Live. This amazing show is to take place on Wednesday 21st September and lasts around 2 hours.

It will be a great performance for all of the family. Tickets are on sale now and are guaranteed to sell out fast! Available from The Guildhall Arts Centre Box Office and starting at £10. The Gravity Fields Festival 2016 takes place from 21st – 25th September.

The Ministry of Science believe that there is a scientist, inventor or an engineer hiding within all of us, no matter what your age. This extraordinary show, inspired by Isaac Newton, will be sure to spark the interest and curiosity of everyone in the family.

This brand new production is highly entertaining and communicates with people of all ages whilst looking at the inventors and engineers who have shaped and changed the world to what we know today. There will be hydrogen bottle rockets, frozen flowers, liquid nitrogen and much more at this amazing show.

Acts will include talks about Buzz Aldrin, Virgin Galactic and demonstrations with hovercrafts and a human cannon. Join the presenters as well as the well-known Peter Dickson, voice over of ITV’s The X Factor as they take you through some of the fascinating and exciting demonstrations that will leave you speechless.

Last year’s festival attracted more than 60,000 visitors to the outdoor events, show and exhibitions over five days. It’s a unique and exciting experience exploring the physical sciences through science, arts and heritage celebrating the area’s close links with Isaac Newton, one of the world’s greatest minds.

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