Silver divorce rates on the increase

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Brits who dissolve their relationship in later life report feeling ‘relieved’, ‘excited’ and ‘more confident’ following their split, new research has shown.

  • 45% said increasingly different interests caused irreparable rifts in their marriage
  • 64% of ‘over-50’ divorcees report new-found feelings of relief, excitement and confidence
  • 60% feel they have moved on successfully

The study of 1,153 divorcees aged 45 and over reveals an upbeat attitude among those who went their separate ways, often delaying their parting until after their adult children had flown the nest.

The results are revealed following a previous research which found divorce rates in the UK are dropping in every age group but the over 50s.

If there was a time when ‘divorce’ was viewed as being socially unacceptable then, it seems, those times are changing. Contrary to their parents’ more traditional values, 95% of over 50s in Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire now agree that these days divorce isn’t the social taboo it might once have been.

Sue Rands, Partner & Head of the Family Law Department at QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby, comments:

Anyone who comes to my office as a result of their relationship breakdown is usually extremely upset, thinking that life is over. However in reality, as research shows, 50 is the new 30 in today’s society. My legal team has a wide range of experience in all aspects of relationship breakdown and can handle whatever concern a client might have.

We are here to give them clear and concise advice without legal jargon and help them to move forward positively with their life. What can start as a very distressing and emotional period can become a fresh start for many people.

Michael Vale, Family Law expert at QualitySolicitors, which commissioned the study, added:

These days, embracing change in the search of personal happiness is more widely encouraged than ‘settling’, so people no longer feel obliged to stay together. They want to make the most out of life and not be held back in the pursuit of their life goals.

Divorce is rarely a happy process. But when the reasons for a separation are mature and considered, it can turn out well for both parties when the dust finally settles.

One thing’s for sure: these days it seems almost everyone agrees that age needn’t be a factor when it comes to personal happiness.

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