It wouldn’t be Christmas in Lincolnshire without the National Trust

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Many National Trust places across Lincolnshire will be getting a Christmas makeover and will be transformed to reflect the way the people who once lived and worked in them observed the season.

From the wartime Christmas homecoming celebrations at Belton House to the simplicity of a seventeenth-century Christmas at Woolsthorpe Manor.

Throughout the ages decorations and gifts have played a huge part in festive preparations, the families and staff in these unique homes would have utilised their own skills to create homemade treats, garlands, wreaths and decorations. But new research by the National Trust reveals that a DIY Christmas is on the rise once again; 4 per cent of the East Midlands will be making homemade decorations with 24 per cent stating that they will be making homemade gifts this year.

Consumers have taken ‘homemade Christmas’ to their hearts as over half the region (54 per cent) is hoping to receive homemade presents from someone they love this Christmas. The most popular source of inspiration for homemade gifts is friends and family (45 per cent), followed by homemade gifts received in the past (44 per cent). Facebook is the most popular social media platform for people aged over 55 to get inspiration for homemade Christmas presents (10 per cent), whilst over half (51 per cent) of those aged under 25 use Pinterest.

The top 5 homemade gifts being given in the East Midlands this year:

  1. Biscuits and chocolate (51 per cent)
  2. Christmas cards (44 per cent)
  3. Hampers (39 per cent)
  4. Photo frames (32 per cent)
  5. Jams and chutneys (29 per cent)

Research by the charity has also revealed that thought and sentiment are more important than money spent on Christmas gifts for nine out of 10 people (88 per cent), and over half (68 per cent) wish their friends and family would spend less money on them at Christmas time. People under the age of 25 are most likely to prefer a homemade gift to a shop bought one (36 per cent), and people aged between 45–54 are most likely to prefer to give a gift than to receive one (73 per cent).

Phil Bittner, National Trust Visitor Experience Consultant said:

We are so pleased to see that thought and sentiment are more important for the nation than money spent on Christmas gifts – it shows just how much value people place on receiving homemade Christmas presents! Making your own decorations and gifts can become a great festive tradition and provide everlasting Christmas memories for the whole family – much more so than the classic pair of festive socks!

As well as saving money and indulging creative flair, homemade decorations and gifts add individuality to a festive home. Belton House create a Greetings Tree which is placed in the Stableyard, where visitors can leave a message or make a wish on a special bauble. For lots more seasonal ideas from the National Trust experts and to find out what’s happening nearby visit

Get immersed in Christmas’s past, marvel at the unique surroundings and spend time with loved ones, sharing in activities that will entertain and delight. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit to the National Trust!

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