Vacant Waterside Retail Unit To Be Transformed Into Illuminated Art Installation

An unused retail unit inside Waterside Shopping is set to transform into an illuminated wonderland as part of this year’s Frequency Festival.

An unused retail unit inside Waterside Shopping is set to transform into an illuminated wonderland as part of this year’s Frequency Festival.

Waterside will welcome renowned digital artists, Squidsoup, to the centre to utilise a vacant Waterside-level shop as the setting for a mesmerising and immersive walkthrough experience called Enlightenment.

Using 8,064 individual points of suspended light to create feelings of presence and movement, the installation will transform empty space into a hybrid environment where virtual and physical worlds coincide.

The illuminated experience will feature four 5-minute sections that will include:

Lanterns, where very slowly moving orbs of light inhabit the space, suspended in mid air. When guests approach, however, they swiftly move away or burst and vanish into thin air.

Divided Space, which will create two volumes of negative space, divided by a moving plane. When entered, the divisions will dissolve, leaving a trail of illuminated space wherever guests roam.

Swarm – an area that will fill the space with countless flying lights that are attracted by guests’ presence.

Ecstatic, which can only be described as sheer experience where visitors will feel the light as it intensifies into an explosion of colours.

Chantelle Henderson, Marketing Coordinator at Waterside Shopping, said:

Getting involved in Frequency Festival was an easy decision for us. Not only is the event something we feel our shoppers will really enjoy being a part of, but it definitely help drive footfall into the centre, too!

I can’t wait to see what our empty unit looks like once it’s transformed by the artists involved – it’s going to be fantastic!

Uzma Johal from Threshold Studios, added:

As the Festival Directors of Frequency, we are delighted at having Waterside onboard as host to one of this year’s most breathtaking installations.

Waterside is one of the most visited destinations in Lincoln, so we think that will definitely help in getting as many people as possible in to experience Enlightenment, which has wowed audiences across the globe – from Australia and Europe to Mexico City!

Waterside is also set to host another exhibit as part of this year’s Frequency Festival, called Caught In The Web, created by the University of Lincoln’s co_LAB.

Caught In The Web is an Oculus Rift installation that uses virtual reality web to create an immersive experience that takes participants through the developments in the 25 years of the web to ask people to think about addressing individual and public apathy towards the mass surveillance of digital communications.

The third edition of Frequency Festival returns on 23rd October to 1st November to light up Lincoln with extraordinary art exhibitions, interactive performances, and lively conversations. With free events taking place across the city, there will be something for everyone to discover, as the idea of digital liberation is explored.

For more information about this year’s Frequency Festival, including timings and information about the works, visit Additionally, official festival pocket guides can also be picked-up at Waterside Shopping.

For more information about Waterside Shopping, visit

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