Kirton gets ready to roll with the opening of new skate park

Skate Park

After arson and vandalism attacks last year, plans for a skate park on the Dame Sarah Swift playing fields had to be paused and reviewed.

Nevertheless, residents and Parish Councillors around Kirton wouldn’t let this stop them and last week they declared their new skate park officially open.

Designed by the village young people, the skate park cost £35,000 which was funded by a range of businesses both local and national, including Lincolnshire Co-op, British Gas and The Boston Mayflower.

Sadly, the skate park is not being completely cared for by the users, with high amounts of litter being found around the area. While this issue is not as serious as vandalisms, the chairman of the Kirton Parish Council Ian Turner insists that the plans to add a BMX track to the park will be paused until the youngsters learn to be more considerate and responsible for their area.

However, with the local police alerted about the litter problem it should be no time before it’s sorted, making the park an even more enjoyable addition to local residents, both young and old alike.

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