Grimsby marathon runner hanging up her trainers after 21 years of running

female runner

Surinder Fowler, a marathon runner from Grimsby, is saying goodbye to competing after taking part in 15 marathons across 21 years.

Over this time, Surinder has raised around £109, 500 for Sense, a charity supporting the deafblind and those suffering with sensory impairments, and Diabetes UK. After her mother’s death from diabetes in 1996, this charity in particular is meaningful as she has experienced first-hand the suffering and pain Diabetes can cause. Following her mother’s passing, Surinder has taken part in marathons which have stretched across the globe, including New York, South Africa and a bit closer to home, the London Marathon last month.

Surinder has changed hundreds of lives throughout her marathon career, from helping children with type 1 Diabetes getting fitted with insulin pumps, usually costing around £2500,  to her own, saying how the smiles and appreciation she feels makes the pain of running worthwhile.

She prides herself on never saying no or pulling out of an event no matter how gruelling, with her first marathon taking an exhausting ten-hours to complete. Marathon running is not her only way of raising money however, with Surinder taking on the challenge of 12-hour spinning stints in supermarkets.

Although time has been called on her marathons for now, she has not officially retired from running, where she hopes to return to her exercise in the near future.

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