Grimsby celebrate National Flower Arranging Day by hiding 14 ‘lonely bouquets’ around the town

flower arranging

Members of the National Association of Flower Arranging Societies (NAFAS) came together on the 1st May to celebrate National Flower Arranging Day, a celebration which has launched a campaign known as The Lonely Bouquet campaign.

The NAFAS has been up-and-running since 1959 and has collected over 60,000 members, all of which were involved overall in the celebrations. Grimsby Flower Lovers’ Club did something extra special for the festivities by placing 14 ‘lonely bouquets’ around Grimsby with the aim of making people smile. The project was also done to inspire locals to get involved with the art of flower arranging, whether improving on previous knowledge or picking up a new skill altogether.

The Club, founded in 1952, wanted to create happiness through flowers, encouraging the finders of the bouquets to take them home where they would receive information about the clubs meeting details. All 14 bouquets were taken to homes much to the clubs excitement.

The Grimsby Flower Lovers’ Club meets every fourth Wednesday at 7:30pm, although it is advised to come around 7pm to socialise and enjoy the sales table.

The meetings take place at the Humber Royal Hotel, Littlecoates Road, Grimsby, where parking is available or on the Number 4 bus route. Flower arranging experience is not necessary, just as long as you like flowers and you’re ready to meet new people, why not pop to a meeting!

By Victoria Anderson

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