Bishop Burton College rated ‘Outstanding’ for leadership and management

Bishop Burton College rated ‘Outstanding’ for leadership and management

Bishop Burton College received a monitoring visit from Ofsted and was graded “Outstanding” for Leadership and Management.

The Leadership and Management grade is defined by the inspectors as “demonstrating high standards of quality and performance”. The College was judged to be Outstanding by Ofsted inspectors who said “senior managers, with particularly strong leadership from the Principal and the very good support of governors, have very successfully implemented a well-considered and ambitious long-term strategy for the college…”
Alongside outstanding planning and financial control, inspectors found that “leaders and governors provide outstanding strategic management that ensure they carefully manage and successfully complete college plans.” The Ofsted report cites the merger with Riseholme College in Lincolnshire as “expertly managed”, resulting in immediate and longer term benefits for learners. Links with employers and other agencies were also deemed outstanding, highlighting very effective participation in three Local Enterprise Partnerships.
Jeanette Dawson, OBE Principal of Bishop Burton College said, “Although I was delighted to see the hard work and expertise of our leaders recognised, it should come as no surprise given that since our achievement of the UK Excellence Award in 2011, the team have strived to build on that success.”
The UK Excellence Award is one of the highest accolades any organisation in the UK can achieve. The award is assessed against the EFQM Excellence Model, a management framework used by over 30,000 organisations in Europe and beyond. It enables users to assess their degree of excellence, and helps them to understand their key strengths and the areas in which they need to improve.
On announcing the College as the 2011 winner, the British Quality Foundation stated:
“The College is a truly inspirational place, due in no small part to the visionary leadership of the Principal. The continuous improvement culture that is all pervasive across the College, coupled with the ‘Freedom within a Framework’ mantra, encourages everyone to be innovative and creative, and therefore to be a key driver of the College’s long-term success.”

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