Kevin Johnson, Agricultural Contractor

Kevin Johnson, Agricultural Contractor

Kevin Johnson Agricultural Contractors provide a wide range of contract services to farmers and landowners in Lincolnshire.

We have formed various share farming agreements over the years, giving farmers a guaranteed return on investment. Whether you require a single service such as baling/straw stacking, or a complete crop or farm management service, we can help! If you are interested in a more comprehensive agricultural management program, or fertiliser, muck or compost spreading, we will be happy to advise on the most efficient way forward for your farming requirements. Kevin Johnson contracting offers a complete, or part Foraging Service from field to clamp for grass with forage wagons while whole crop and maize silage can be arranged. Using the latest machinery we ensure a longer forage chop and a well-consolidated clamp with minimum on site time. We can also arrange both round and square baling and wrapping of silage or haylage, which can also be carted and stacked if required.

Let us give you a quote for all your requirements.

Tel: 01780 782924. Mobile: 07860 608 825.

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