Not being connected to the mains used to be a problem…

Not being connected to the mains used to be a problem...

Not any more!
We can deliver 500 ltrs to 40,000 ltrs in one go, with our fleet of mini-bulk or super-bulk road tankers – all the benefits of mains gas supply when and where you want it.

    • Domestic Bulk
    • Hotels, pubs and restaurants
    • Industrial Bulk
    • Commercial and manufacturing
    • FLT-Autogas skid-units

From stock we have tanks suitable for above and below ground, FLT or Autogas and for industry, large user tanks.

  • We take away your problems
  • Site surveys
  • Installations
  • Tank rentals
  • Our own fleet of tankers
  • Trained personnel
  • Monthly account or Direct Debit budget plans


For further information contact LPG Direct, Tel: 08702 408048

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