Renewable energy specialists in Louth

Renewable energy specialists in Louth

Scenergy, local renewable energy specialists from Louth, are one of Lincolnshire’s leading installers of renewable and energy saving technologies, including Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Small Scale Wind, Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps, Biomass, Voltage Optimisation and Low Energy Lighting.

With ever increasing fuel bills hitting every household and business across the UK, there has never been a better time to invest in reducing your energy consumption.

A Solar PV system will enable you to generate your own electricity, an Air Source Heat Pump will provide you with more efficient heating compared to oil, and Voltage Optimisation could help you take 10% off your electricity bill. Plus, there are various government incentive schemes available to help with the cost of installing renewable technologies, and even provide you with a financial return on your investment.

Many reports suggest that UK fuel bills will continue to increase at similar levels for the foreseeable future, so act now to make your home or business more energy efficient and help protect yourself against these rises.

For more information or a quotation call 01507 607800 or visit

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