Stephen’s Carpet Cleaning Services

Stephen's Carpet Cleaning Services

Are your carpets looking and feeling a bit SAD?

Our carpet cleaning service can make all the difference:
Fresher, brighter colours and a cleaner, sweeter smell… rooms feel more inviting, welcoming and healthier.

Our dry carpet-cleaning system uses a plant-based, fragrance-free, soft organic material, formulated to dissolve and absorb both water and oil-based dirt. The compound material is worked into the carpet using a mechanical technique to break the oil-bond and loosen the dirt which is then vacuumed away.

Allergens, dust mites, cat allergens, mould and mould spores are reduced by 75% or more in just one clean. The carpet is free of any dirt-attracting sticky residue, and is ready to walk on straight away.

Try the latest in carpet cleaning – speak to STEPHEN on 07763 468487.

Stephen is a trained member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association with more than ten years of experience. He also cleans upholstery and leather, and offers wet-extraction carpet-cleaning where more appropriate or for a budget option.

Stephen also runs Easy Cleans (Marshchapel) Ltd for Office Cleaning, Deep Cleans and Builders Cleans. Call Stephen on 07763 468487

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