Co-operative officially launches its latest ‘From Farm to Fork’ project in Louth

Co-operative officially launches its latest ‘From Farm to Fork’ project in Louth

The Co-operative Farms has officially launched its award-winning outdoor learning experience, called ‘From Farm to Fork’, in Louth.

The project, which will be run in partnership with Lincolnshire Co-operative, aims to give children from across Lincolnshire and the East of England a better understanding of where the food they eat comes from. The brand new centre at Louth Park Farms, built following a £60,000 investment, includes a classroom, kitchen and outdoor learning area. It will enable pupils from visiting schools to learn about healthy living and get out in to the arable farmland to hear how food is grown and how to prepare healthy meals. The From Farm to Fork project is part of The Co-operative’s ‘Green Schools Revolution’, a sustainability education programme available to all schools in the UK. The programme brings together a host of learning materials and practical opportunities to help teachers, parents and children take care of the environment in a fun and active way.

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