Arts & Crafts Festival – ‘Plank 2013’

Arts & Crafts Festival - ‘Plank 2013’

Market Rasen becomes an Art Gallery from 2nd February to 2nd march 2013

As part of Market Rasen’s Portas Town Pilot status the Arts Council England has awarded the town’s business improvement group (MR BIG) £10K to deliver a community-focused arts festival in the town. On 2nd February, Market Rasen became an art gallery with work being exhibited in unusual places and spaces to create an arts trail including empty shops, railway station, market place, high street shop windows, pubs, cafes, school and church with a range of creative workshops taking place. Plank 2013 Arts and Crafts Festival is a celebration of Market Rasen’s assets and qualities namely its markets, racecourse, beautiful countryside, golf course, shops, woodland, biking and hiking routes, train station, its heritage and architecture.

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