How to fake it with the UK’s only touring tribute festival

Cleethorpes Fake Festival debuts and the exclusive ‘Big Fake Festival’ is anounced for the Summer

Music festivals have been gaining in popularity, and also gaining in cost. Do festival-goers really get value for money, or is it better to fake it? Fake Festivals, the UK’s only touring tribute festival offers the best tributes the country has to offer, plus a guaranteed fun-packed day out.

With early bird tickets on sale for Cleethorpes Fake Festival at £16, which not only gains you entry to the one-day festival on 13th June with tributes to Muse, oasis and The Jam, it also gives you free entry to the three day event Fake Festivals holds each year as a thank you to its loyal followers, where festival-goers can rock along with all the tributes on the 2015 tour.

Music festivals have now become so commercial that events such as Glastonbury offer a payment plan to purchase tickets as prices rocket through the roof each year. For music-lovers who simply want a great day out, this becomes extremely expensive and also inaccessible for a lot of hard-working people. The solution is to fake it.

Lookalikes are increasing in popularity as they become an affordable alternative to the real thing.

Jez Lee, owner and creator of Fake Festivals said:

We pride ourselves on providing the festivals with the best the UK has to offer in the way of tribute bands. I started off running a lookalike agency, where I was providing television shows and other agencies with celebrity lookalikes. As a music-lover myself, I decided to branch into bands. After researching tributes and going to countless gigs, not all of them good, I began to discover some real talent in the world of tribute bands.

In 2007 I decided to test the waters in my local town and put on the first Fake Festival. At the time I didn’t imagine the brand would become what it is today.

Eight years later, Fake Festivals now has a comprehensive tour list around the UK, and is more popular than ever.

Frank Farkas, Bono lookalike and lead singer of New 2, the U2 tribute band said:

We’ve been on the Fake Festivals tour since it started, and never thought we would be touring across the UK each year with the festivals. We’ve always thought Jez had a great concept, and now he has proved it with the success of the festivals in just eight years.

Jez continues:

Even though there are numerous music festivals taking place around the country each summer, there are none like Fake Festivals. Not only do we have a unique brand, but the festivals all take place inside a huge marquee, so come rain or shine, the festival can never be spoilt.

Fake Festivals prides itself on being accessible to everyone, which is why they have remained as small community-led events, with affordable ticket prices and early bird ticket opportunities on sale up to a month before each event.

As with most businesses, it has of course been tempting to expand the festivals’ capacity, but the ethos of Fake Festivals is a community-led event where people can walk to the festival and have a good time with their friends and family.

This is what is at the heart of Fake Festivals. We go on tour as a family at Fake Festivals, and we hope that the friendly atmosphere shines through each event.”

This year’s Cleethorpes Fake Festival takes place at Meridian Park on Saturday 13th June, with headlining acts of Musest, Oasish and The Jam’d as well as five incredible local support bands.

Early bird tickets are on sale already until 13th May, and are priced as:

  • Adult £16.00
  • Young Person (10-17years) £9.00
  • Family (2 x adult 2 x Young Person) £41.00
  • Children 0-9 years FREE

Tickets can be purchased directly through the Fake Festivals website at Don’t forget to register for your free ticket to The Big Fake Festival in September after your purchase.

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